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Professional scientific conferences are opportunities for researchers to share the latest result of their research and network with their peers and colleagues. More often than not, the breakthroughs from the bench resulting from the sweat and blood of students and postdocs are lost on the floor of the routine conference hall. Little is known to the general public whose tax dollars pay for the research, on what was being discussed or discovered. Interestingly, on the other hand, medical conferences get a lot of attention from the media and therefore general public gain some information and sometimes hope for a possible better treatment for a disease. There is a need to make science and scientific research community focused and society oriented. There is a need to involve and integrate the society into scientific research so that they can understand and appreciate the process of scientific research and the importance of basic science research in breakthroughs in medical research resulting in life-saving drugs.  SciPubMed offers the following services in the area of scientific communications and publications:

Scientific publications

SciPubMed publishes proceedings of conferences in one of its peer reviewed professional journals. We can publish audio, video and print versions of your conference proceedings in one of our journals.

  • SciPubMed works with the organizers of the conference and develop affordable and effective strategies to disseminate the key messages from the conference to the public.
  • SciPubMed provides opportunities to students at various levels to understand the essence of discussions and deliberations in conferences.
  • SciPubMed synthesizes and provides the gist of today’s experiments on future impact on human health and life for the benefit of general public.
  • SciPubMed brings key messages to the policy makers and influencers of the policy so that government policies are based on facts, figures, social needs and societal aspirations.
  • SciPubMed helps the investors understand the social needs and opportunities for investment in socially relevant enterprises.

Peer review services for professional journals

With the proliferation of peer reviewed journals the task of finding qualified and willing reviewers is very difficult and daunting. We offer affordable and yet professional peer review of manuscripts in biomedical field. The task of editors in decision making becomes easier with the availability of objective evaluation of manuscripts by qualified professional reviewers who work under the supervision of senior and experienced researchers.

Writing and Editorial Services

We have highly qualified experts to provide writing and editorial services. We can help in writing and editing manuscripts, conference abstracts. If you have any specific projects please contact us for prompt consideration.

Training Services

SciPubMed offers several training services to individuals, corporations and educational institutions. Two of our popular courses are listed below:

How to write for Peer-reviewed and popular science and medical journals?

SciPubMed offers training for small and medium size groups on how to write for peer-reviewed publications and popular magazine. We can develop customized training classes to meet your company or departmental needs.

Analyzing peer-reviewed research articles

It is daunting for writers and editors to understand the message from articles published in high quality scientific publications. Deciphering the message from articles is very critical when writing a report based on the articles published in medical and science journals. SciPubMed offers one day and two day training and workshops around the world.


Contact us for further detail about our services and products.

Why Scipubmed?

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