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SciPubMed is offering several Online training courses in the area of Critical Skills like Writing Reports and Proposals, Creative thinking and Innovat

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SciPubMed helps researchers at all levels in their efforts to identify the right job that matches their personality and skills. The first step in find

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    Join SciPubMed as a course author today! SciPubMed is looking for experienced and ambitious professionals who are interested to develop courses in any disciplines of science and Medicine for online and class-room training. Our team will support you through the development process. This is a great opportunity for current or retired faculty who would like to share their knowledge and earn extra income. We will also be happy to explore opportunities to revise and recast the lessons you have prepared and delivered previously, either in the form of PowerPoints or in other formats. Please send your confidential inquiries to indicating “Course Proposal” in the subject line. Submit your CV
  • Be our Partners

    Become our partners to disseminate information and knowledge to the medical professionals and the communities. We are eager to hear from Medical Education companies who share our commitment to share the knowledge. Do you like to co-sponsor our webinar programs for physicians and scientists? Do you like to be our partners for Continuing Community Education programs? Contact us for details

From our Journals

"Quantitative proteomic analysis of different stages of
rat lingual carcinogenesis"

Bihari Lal Soni, et al, Authors

"The Journey of Oncology as a field, from a field to
study tumors of unknown etiology and characteristics,
has been very eventful for the human race, but seems
to be hijacked by the compulsions of onconomics, a
term I suggest to partly describe the economics of
oncology drug discovery and development and the
payer dynamics"

Gopala Kovvali , Editor

"Circulating tumor cells in breast cancer"

Geetha Pukazhendhiand, Stefan Gluck,Authors

"While the advent of internet and the proliferation of
numerous open access journals have been helping the
scientific and the clinical research community around
the world to disseminate information and the strategies
to prevent and treat cancer, there seems to be a clear
need for an interdisciplinary and interactive platform
for the exchange of ideas, strategies, and outcomes of
scientific research."

Stefan Glück, Gopala Kovvali, Editors

"Lipid profile assessment in stage I multiple myeloma
Clin Commun Oncol 2014, 1:3 (9 May 2014)"

Mohammad-Hassan Khadem-Ansari, Yossef
Faridvand, Ali Eishi Oskuyi Authors